Our Philosophy

We Listen.

We listen to our partner firms – this allows us to better recognize both the inherent value of the firm, as well as the resources needed to help them grow.  This enables us to consider investment opportunities, such as underperforming businesses or businesses facing strategic or operational challenges or complex structural issues.


We Value Talent.

After years of experience, we know the value of a business cannot be found in the numbers alone. We recognize that a mature, qualified management team is critical to the success of our acquisitions. We believe in providing management teams with considerable incentives, including the opportunity to significantly participate in equity ownership.


We Are Aligned.

We believe that the motivations of an equity partner must be in line with those of the management team. We work closely and collaboratively with the management teams of our partner firms, serving as an experienced resource, providing strategic advice with a focus on developing and implementing specific operating improvements designed to increase the value of the company.


We Believe in Autonomy.

We do not become involved in the day-to-day business operations of our partner-companies. Instead, we work closely with management to set strategic goals and priorities and assist in making the key business decisions facing the company, which we believe are the drivers to generate significant long-term incremental value.


Our Approach


Financing transactions in a sensible and prudent manner, we take into account the capital requirements necessary to meet the company’s growth and expansion plans and allow for a comfortable operating cushion to accommodate fluctuations in company performance.


We are able to act quickly, funding investments on a tight timeframe  and execute transactions with total confidentiality. Our hands-on investment team, extensive transactional experience and our ability to logically present opportunities  to our lender-partners have allowed us to establish a reputation for quick action and meticulous execution.


In each of our transactions we take care to meet the specific financial and personal objectives of the seller. An owner can generate maximum liquidity by selling all of his interest in the company, or alternatively, “take some chips off the table” while retaining a meaningful equity interest and management role in the company by partnering with Alterna. We can also accommodate the wishes of an owner to have one or more key employees or family members participate in the transaction.