Representative Partner Deals

Our Investment Criteria

We seek qualified partnership candidates from the manufacturing, distribution, and service sectors. Ideally, the candidate company will have stable and predictable historic cash flows with potential for significant growth, a reputable name, and a strong business model. 

Acquisition Target Criteria Includes

  • Southeastern United States geographical focus (companies with add-ons outside this region are acceptable)

  • Revenue of $15 million to $150 million

  • Minimum EBITDA of $4 million or more (except for add-ons)

  • In-place management or already identified succession/replacement management; who will co-invest their own capital alongside of the Fund

  • Established product or service in a stable, growing market

  • High probability of strong growth each year

  • Sales of products or services that meet a business need, that can be differentiated from competitive offerings (non-commodity) and that serve a niche within a fragmented industry

  • Reasonable opportunities to grow the business through geographic expansion, product line expansion, excess capacity, untapped customer segments, and/or channel expansion

  • Reasonable opportunities to enhance efficiency and scale through process improvements, increased/enhanced utilization of technology, supply chain efficiencies, and/or channel expansion

  • Resources that can be leveraged for competitive advantage including employees, physical assets, information, customer base, brand name, or intellectual property which should not be impacted by an ownership change