The Firm

Alterna Equity Partners, LLC is a private equity investment firm based in South Florida making strategic investments in stable, established, and growing companies. Alterna invests in both existing and new management teams and assists in the growth and development of its company investments through the introduction of new financial and managerial resources.

True Partnership

Drawing on our internal expertise, we work with the entrepreneurial management teams of our partner firms to strengthen and scale their companies, increasing profits and sustainability. 
Different from most private investment firms, we stop and listen to our partner-companies. Whether capital, strategy or access to an exclusive network of contacts, we help them become industry leaders.

Unique Focus

Our differentiated strategy focuses on long-standing focus on founder or family-owned mid-size businesses (typically from $15-150 million in enterprise value) and a deep understanding and appreciation of the unique challenges and opportunities such businesses present. We approach our transactions with a flexible investment structuring while putting priority on speed and responsiveness.